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We have parts for older models of Vibra-Steamer Garment Finishing Tunnels, Gentle Touch Finishers, etc. that were mfg. by Fremar Inc.,& Western Automation Corp.

Vibra-Steamer Garment Tunnel Finishers revolutionized the laundry and dry cleaning industries by providing a fast, efficient method to finish garments. The very first steam finishing tunnel so used was a Vibra-Steamer. Our Vibra-Steamers have proven their dependability in more than 30 years of in-plant service. To date more than 6,000 Vibra-Steamers have been distributed  throughout the world.

Vibra-Steamer Steamerette right hand with autoloader and optional floor stand   Vibra-Steamer Steamerette XL right hand with optional color   Vibra-Steamer Model LDY right hand   Vibra-Steamer XL550 Right Hand with optional Voltage transformer Vibra-Steamer XL425 Right Hand with optional colors   Vibra-Steamer XL1150 Left Hand with add-on chamber

Key Benefits

  • The unique design of our Vibra-Steamers ensures consistent, top quality finishes for your garments, plus efficient use of your energy dollars.
  • Garments pass throughout hung shoulder-to-shoulder, Keeping the largest garment surfaces close to the point of steam distribution, so wrinkles are more effectively and completely removed. (Click on this link for Comparison Chart of shoulder-to-shoulder to front to back)
  • Rotating Air Seal bags (not available on standard Steamerette, only on Steamerette XL)

    Two full length air-filled cloth sleeves (bags) at the entry and exit of the drying chamber rotate at the same speed as the conveyor travel. These let the garments in and out, but help keep heat in, so it is efficiently reused.

Vibra-Steamer cut-away Cut-away typical of LDS, LDY & LDJ models     XL550 Right hand with optionsXL550 with Right hand Conveyor and options.

Typical of models LDS, LDY, LDJ.  Note: Models XL425, XL550, and XL750 also have entrance air seal bags.

Vibra-Steamer Models:

Link to Parts Manuals page

Other Products by Lind Industries, Inc. :

Pneumatic Autofeeders
Our Pneumatic Autoloaders provide a efficient way to load tunnel finishers from conveyor systems.
Spiral type loaders for loading hangers on our Steam Tunnels.: The autoloader is a self-contained, hand-loaded, loader. The Autoloader will automatically feed one garment at time onto the tunnel conveyor.
Takeaway Conveyors
Spiral type takeaway conveyors: Garments are automatically loaded onto the takeaway conveyor as they exit the tunnel. The garments are transported onto a storage rail until manually removed.

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