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Lind Industries' Vibra-Steamer line includes three dependable small to mid-capacity steam tunnel finishers, the LDS, LDY, and LDJ models.

Vibra-Steamer Model LDY right hand with options Model LDY (right hand conveyor shown)

Key Benefits

  • First garments pass throughout hung shoulder-to-shoulder, keeping the largest garment surfaces close to the point of steam distribution, so wrinkles are more effectively and completely removed.
  • And our custom built steam nozzles are designed to "fan" the steam and maximize steam penetration over the entire garment surface.
  • Next, our patented rotating air seals minimize the escape of heated air from the tunnel as garments enter and exit the finishing chamber.
  • For industrial applications, pressing can be completely eliminated for garments with 50% or more polyester.
  • In professional dry cleaning applications, users report that the Vibra-Steamer completely finishes many garments of man-made or natural fibers and requires only minimal touch up on others.

Production Capabilities: Garments per hour (max.)*


Heat source

LDS Model

All Steam Heated

LDY Model

Steam & 9.5 kW Electric Heat

LDJ Model

Steam & 19 kW Electric Heat

Professional dry cleaning (must add option for lowering steam heat) 250 400 550
Industrial dry to dry 375 500 700
Industrial extract to dry 80 150 200

*Note: production figures are offered to define model types and are not to be construed as production guarantees. Industrial figures are based on 65% polyester/35% cotton shirts and assume proper washing, drying and cool-down methods. Extract-to-dry figures assume moisture retention of 30% or less. Figures for professional dry cleaning are based on averages of typical garments finished in retail dry cleaners.

Standard Equipment:

  • Choice of left or right-hand feed direction.
  • Variable speed conveyor control.
  • Conveyor chain safety mechanism.
  • 24" hook spacing.
  • 208 or 230 volt/3 phase/ 4 wire 60 Hz electrical
  • Thermodynamic steam traps.
  • One set of steam nozzles.
  • Automatic Steam Control: steam is activated only when garment enters the tunnel and automatically shuts off until the next garment enters.
  • Two steam gauges: indicates both incoming pressure and pressure to steam nozzles.
  • Temperature gauge: shows the temperature in the finishing chamber.
  • Garment Counter.
  • Dropped garment safety switch ( LDJ only - optional on LDS, and LDY).
  • Heater door safety interlocks (LDY, LDJ only - optional on LDS).
  • Automatic unloading: picks the hanger off the conveyor at the exit, dropping it onto the garment storage rail (optional), Takeaway conveyor, or your own conveyor.

Optional Equipment

  • Custom Colors: Blue is Standard.
  • Autoloaders (spiral type) 26 (40"), 40 (60") and 80 (120") garment loaders.
  • Takeaway Conveyors (spiral type) 40", 60", and 120".
  • Pneumatic Autofeeder
  • Steam chamber exhaust fan or hood with exhaust fan: to exhaust any excess steam.
  • Two steam nozzle pressures: allows operator to select preset steam nozzle pressures to nozzles.
  • Garment storage rail.
  • Control for lowering steam heat when used for professional dry cleaning.
  • Voltages other than standard.
  • 1/2 hp blower motors ( required in Canada).
  • One additional set of steam nozzles.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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